Every moment we are alive, a symphony of rhythmic movements sustains us. Waves of fluid expand and contract our material forms without our conscious participation… ceaselessly.

Our heart beats, our guts move in waves, our Lymphangions pulse, our Craniosacral Fluid flows within the wrappings of the spinal cord from our sacrums up to our craniums, deep within our brains. This Craniosacral wave moves all of our tissues in a subtle, spiraling dance of expansion and contraction. What underlies this subtle dance? In the Craniosacral world, we often call it, the Breath of Life. Bioenergy animates fluid, fluid waves pulse physical form- we dance to the symphony, moved from our cores.

How are we dancing to our inner symphony? Do we experience a satisfying degree of harmony and ease of movement in our bodies and in life? Could we experience even more beauty, more inspiration?Or, have overwhelming experiences, illness or pain conducted us to orchestrate inner cacophony?

Craniosacral Therapy aims to free up and strengthen our innate vitality through collaborating with the Breath of Life, which is intimate with our nervous systems. As human beings, we are gifted with immense capacities for learning and creating. In response to experience, our nervous systems adapt and organize to survive and prepare for new experiences. Our incredible flexibility can thereby lead to an array of skills and coping strategies that may be more or less helpful in striving toward a fulfilling, healthy life.

My therapeutic practice centers on supporting fluid bodily systems, namely the Craniosacral and Lymphatic systems, that orchestrate and facilitate all healing, and deeply tune our experience of being embodied and being Alive in the world.

Craniosacral therapy in a Biodynamic mode focuses on fluid movement at the core of our central nervous systems. Through gentle, sustained physical contact, along the spine, the spinal cord, brain and sacrum, we bear witness to the moment to moment expression of this wave-like flow, inviting attunement to healthy, rhythmic organization and a steady support for reclaiming and reorganizing vitality that has been spinning, based in past efforts to maintain function and survival. Our nervous systems, including our brains, are the physical pathways and processing centers for sensation and information, offering us the capacities to feel our bodies, take action, learn and make sense of our experiences. It is easy to objectify the body and the physical symptoms we experience as belonging to “it,” however, the nervous system is more delicately intertwined with what we identify as our “Self.” Therefore, when we experience nervous system dysregulation, it can be difficult to recognize the symptoms as compensations, like an uncomfortable postural adaptation, and over-identify with the irrational behavior, reaction, or thought pattern, as though this adaptation is central to who we really are. Spending time in contact with the our innate will to health, with the support of a professionally and experientially trained human being, such as myself, we settle into a more true perspective of what is essential and what can shift and change. We ground progressively deeper in our ability to be present in our bodies and open our hearts and minds, even as we are aware of the suffering that we have experienced and that we know exists in this world.

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology, 1937

Over half of our substance is water. When we are conceived, we are physically a fluid bubble, moving in our mother’s waters, growing substance through flowing fluids that distribute minute amounts of substance that slowly build form, like the eddies of a stream depositing material around the edges of its swirling waters.

The lymphatic system works diligently to make our waters into vehicles of health. lymphatic system pulses life-giving water through us.  A symphony of tiny waves permeating nearly every part of our bodies, lymphatic pathways stream through us,  refreshing and cleansing our bodies, then delivering this cleansed liquid element to the heart.