Sarah Gardon is a certified massage therapist, specializing in Osteopathic Lymphatic Therapy.

Sarah dove into her healing arts training in 2001, studying Thai Massage, Reiki and Vipassana meditation, while on a 6 month trip to India.  Upon returning to the states, she continued her training through the Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, and began offering bodywork at Land of Medicine Buddha, a Tibetan Buddhist Center, where she lived and worked for 6 years.

After taking a break to be a full time Mama to her son, she attended Rudolf Steiner College, completing a one year Biodynamic Farming workshop series, and subsequently, Foundation Year Studies, where exploring her longtime love of Goethean Science drew her to resume her studies of hands on healing.  She found a good fit in Osteopathic based, Lymphatic Therapy, developed by Dr. Bruno Chikly.  She went on to study with Daya Fisch, founder of The Breast Health Project, who melds acupressure, meditation, and Lymphatic Therapy to teach self-care for breast health.

In 2011, she resumed her practice with Lymphatic Therapy as her focus.  In 2014, she co-founded the Bay Area Breast Health Collective, with Dr. Chris Holder, and Renee Russo of the Thermography Center of Sonoma County.  Most recently, she has accepted a place on the board of the developing Lymph Guild, a special project of the Aushadhi Health foundation, with DeAnna Batdorff, and Vicchi Oleski.

She is overjoyed to be working closely with an impressive array of health practitioners from the North Bay and beyond, who often synergize therapies from East and West, offering well-rounded and precious opportunities for our community members to work with their obstacles to health.

Sarah also holds a BA in Studio Art, with a minor in French Language from UCLA,

attended Oak Grove School, founded by Krishnamurti, from 2nd grade through high school

and Waldorf Kindergarten and first grade in Jacksonville, OR

She has been a lifelong, if intermittent, practitioner of yoga and meditation- as Krishnamurti reputedly responded when asked whether he practiced yoga, “Every day, but I try not to make a habit of it.”

CAMTC # 23313

ABMP Member ID: 831235